My name is Andrej Ulrichs, born 1976 in southern Germany. I started my first steps on board seagoing vessels, when I was 5 years old with my parents on a small sailing boat in the North Sea, later in the Baltic Sea and Mediterranean Sea, but only on leisure sailing yachts. Later after school I started an apprenticeship as ship mechanic beginning 1998 on my first real cargo ships in the german merchant fleet, working as cadet on deck, bridge and engine room. After finishing, I continued with studying at a school of applied sciences for navigation officer. In the semester vaccations still earning my salary on board ships as able bodied ship mechanic. After finalising my studies I served in the biggest container shipping companies until today, holding now the Master Mariner (Capatain) license and enjoying my job most of the time in the world wide trade. As you can see here, making photos of special moments, ambients and perspectives, which personally impress myself, is one of my hobbies I have on board.

More good pictures of times where the digital photography was not such sophisticated with the good aperture and resolution etc. can be found on my private personal website with older format images, illustrating times how they are changing.

Enjoy the impressions of a world behind the normal life known on shore – the cosmos of the seafarer.


Andrej Ulrichs, Dipl. Ing. [FH] Nautic, Master Mariner